Appointee sheffield


All Appointee Policies, £50.00 Set up



£18 - £30 per week ongoing fee, depending on level of support required.

£18.00 per week if the client lives

in a residential care home.


Additional ad-hoc visits £15.00 per visit.

So why IDK Support 4 You?


Well, our Appointeeships are designed to support vulnerable individuals on many levels. This ranges from people not wanting to deal with the intricacies of paying and budgeting right through to supporting individuals to avid mismanagement. IDK also have telephone support that we feel makes us a reliable and convenient option.

Debt Management £5.00 per week.


Closure of Estate £200.00

We offer appointeeships to manage personal money, paying bills, paying contributions.

IDK can provide debt management for appointeeship clients.​

All staff are DBS/CRB checked. The combined experience of the staff amounts to over 50 years experience of working for social services in various settings and with various client groups. Other qualifications include accountancy, book keeping NVQ, Sage 50 Payroll, ITQ level 1/2. IDK has had over 300 Support Plans agreed through Sheffield City Council. Has Public Liability, Employers Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity.

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