IDK Support 4 You is a service for people (including older people, people with learning disabilities, physical impairments and/or sensory impairments, people with mental health issues, children and people in transition) in Sheffield who have received an Indicative Personal Budget following a needs assessment for Self Directed Support and who are looking for support with managed account,  payroll and appointeeships. IDK Support for You is a family run business which has over 32 years experience working in social services.

Who are IDK Support 4 You Ltd

Meet the Team

Debbie Paskell

Position: Director, Appointee-ship's

Debbie Founded IDK and Worked in Social services for several years before starting the company. Debbie applies her industry knowledge when making sure that we are up to date with the latest legislation and policies. 

Telephone: 01142753880


Kirsty Rawlings

Position: Director, Managed Accounts

Kirsty is a Co-founder of IDK, Kirsty is in charge of our Managed accounts and making sure we work effectively with care agencies whilst. Kirsty also manages our auditing to make sure we remain compliant within the industry.

Telephone: 01142751937


Ivy Fearnley

Position: Appointee team

Ivy helped founder the company and was key expanding the business and helping make us the efficient company we are today.

She was a social worker 32 years and with her experience and knowledge is a vital part of the company.

Telephone: 01142753880


Shelli Sohail

Position: Payroll Clerk

A great addition to our team with her vast knowledge and experience of payroll, Sage and previously being part of a family company.

Shelli  Deals with all our payroll payments, tax, pension and payroll queries. We are happy to have Shelli aboard.

Telephone: 01142751937

Chloe Crossland

Position: Business Support Appointee Team

We are happy to welcome Chloe is working in our appointee team.

A asset to our small company with her knowledge and experience of office based work.

Great to have Chloe on board.

Telephone: 01142751937


Tracy Utley

Position: Appointee Team

We are happy to welcome Tracy on the appointee team, a fantastic hardworking addition to our ever growing team.


Telephone: 0114 275388


Courtney Sheldon

Position: Payroll Team

We are delighted to welcome Courtney who will be supporting the payroll team, a delightful motivated individual.

Telephone: 0114 2751937