Payment Details

Please ensure you get your time-sheet to us by the allocated date displayed below or we may not be able to pay you until the following payment date. If you find that you were unable to get your time sheet on or before the allocated date, just send it to us as soon as possible and we will make sure it's added to the next scheduled pay period.

How Timesheets can be received:

You can take a reasonable picture showing hours worked and singed by both employee and employer and send to


or Via post to:

IDK Support 4 You Ltd

Rutland House



S3 9PE

Timesheets Required By

Payment Dates

Payment Dates

  • 22/01/19                                                                                                                             28th January 2019

  • 22/02/19                                                                                                                             28th February 2019

  • 22/03/19                                                                                                                             29th March 2019

  • 22/04/19                                                                                                                             29th April 2019

  • 22/05/19                                                                                                                             29th May 2019

  • 22/06/19                                                                                                                             29th June 2019

  • 22/07/19                                                                                                                             28th July 2019

  • 22/08/19                                                                                                                             29th August 2019

  • 22/09/19                                                                                                                             28th September 2019

  • 22/10/19                                                                                                                             29th October 2019

  • 22/11/19                                                                                                                             29th November 2019

  • 17/12/19                                                                                                                             21st December 2019

IDK Support 4 You Ltd

IDK Support 4 You Ltd – Is a private limited company, audited by Sheffield City Council Social Services,

                                                  Registered company 07787916, Cat: 96090

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