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If you would like to drop in please book an appointment first, you could also write to us as below

IDK Support 4 You

Rutland House,



S3 9PE


Like any company we know that keeping our customers happy is key.


Unfortunately, an incident may have occurred that you feel is not acceptable and left you feeling dissatisfied. If this is the case, we urge you to contact us to give us the opportunity to try to resolve or rectify the issue.

If you find the above applies to you, please use the details below to make us aware;

Email on:

Or Call: 0114 275 1937

Or write to us at: IDK Support 4 you Ltd, Rutland House, Sheffield, S3 9PE


If after contacting us, you still feel dissatisfied with the outcome or with one or more of our services then feel free to escalate to the appropriate authority.

If you’re an employee:

If you’re a service user: SCC – Sheffield City Council, please contact your assigned social worker or alternatively email:


Any complaint made will be logged to ensure we’re tracking/recording and monitoring rates of complaints to help make improvements in our company where necessary.

We look to resolve complaints via the next working day, however will allow up to 5 Working days to Ensure that everything is done correctly in an appropriate manor to resolve the complaint.


SCC – Sheffield City Council is our primary governing body that ensure we are abiding by their requirements.